“my life, His Story : Following The Call” by Grant Skeldon

June 19, 2012


Before you read this letter, I want to be up front and tell you that I am writing for financial support, wisdom, guidance, and prayer over this next year as I embark on God’s calling for my life. But before I get into that, let me tell you where I have been and how God […]

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3 Things That Disturb Me About The Younger Generation Of Christians – Grant Skeldon

May 2, 2012


We Lack Respect First off, can we agree that God was moving mightily well before Mark Driscoll ever put a plaid shirt on and yelled at people? I’m being a bit facetious but I am trying to make a point and that is this; although we see God moving in amazing ways through the new […]

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2 Myths On Evangelism by Grant Skeldon

February 16, 2012


  Inviting Is Not Evangelism Why is our knee jerk reaction to invite people to church on Sunday when we want to share the gospel with someone? You are the church and you have been equipped every Sunday to be the church. So be it, everyday, everywhere. Inviting is not evangelism. It is one of many means that […]

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Uncharted Waters by Jon Pendergrass

January 25, 2012


 Have you ever been in a situation where a loved one or complete stranger has asked the question “are you blind?” Usually this sarcastic remark is used by those who want to ensure that you understand the obvious was overlooked.  I live in Texas, and that age old blind question crept south. We have adopted […]

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3 Differences Between Friends & Biblical Community – Grant Skeldon

November 15, 2011


1. Common Interests Aren’t Deep Enough Friends come and go. Why? Because people change. When the only thing that ties a group together is a shared interest, the group will disseminate eventually. We see this all the time. Watch one person mature or make a transition in their life and suddenly there is little contact between […]

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Full Reliance – Grant Skeldon

September 23, 2011


This weekend marks the 11th and 12th missions for Breakdown Ministries. For the first time, we’re working simultaneously with two different churches on two separate missions. The Door Church is having a mission in Coppell and Compass Church is leading the first Valley Trails Apartments Health Fair in Irving. But, there’s one thing that hit […]

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Confessions of a 21 Year Old Christian

July 11, 2011


July 11th, 2011  3:36 AM It’s one of those nights where I can’t sleep. I can’t complain because it is for good reasons. There is a heavy weight on me tonight and this is becoming a reoccurring issue. You see, in reality I am a joke. However, for some reason God decided to pull this […]

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